Sprouting Calm


French Thyme and Lavender pair with Haitian Vetiver to create a smooth, fresh natural fragrance that lingers like the natural scent of an earthy spring wind. Crushed Lavender flowers have a soft, bright floral smell that playful pairs with the herbal, earthy scent of fresh Thyme cuttings. Vetiver grounds the combination with the fresh sweetness of sunny fields and lush grass. Close your eyes and bask in the comfort of a safe space, filled with the Lord’s bounty and courageously blooming in the empowering warmth of a sunbeam.

Sprouting Calm: Thyme, Lavender and Vetiver blended in Organic Cane Alcohol Base

  • Floral and Herbal
  • Aromatic Lavender
  • Earthy Thyme
  • Sweet Vetiver
  • Grateful and Grounding
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15 ML, 50 ML


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