Sprouting Calm




Fragrance has long been regarded as a powerful healer for the senses, and this divine scent could be the most soothing of all. It’s a simple, natural blend of three pure essential oils in an organic corn alcohol base. The ambrosial liquid has been poured into a luxury bottle that showcases all the glamor of vintage Art Deco design. The fragrance is sophisticated, sensual, and inspirational; the bottle makes it a dreamy self-care treat and an enchanting gift.


Smooth yet fresh, the scent is carefully crafted to bring comfort and soothe your soul as only nature can. It’s a relaxing aroma that’s also empowering, designed to inspire confidence through clean, natural scent. The bouquet is exquisitely balanced; a mix of floral and herbal scents that’s both graceful and grounding.


Breathe in the heady, aromatic lavender and you’ll feel your worries drift away on feathersoft clouds. Inhale the earthy notes of thyme and you’ll know that stress cannot overpower you. Delight in the sunny sweetness of vetiver and a smile will play upon your lips as you start to feel a lightness of being. The fragrance fusion will linger like joyful spring breezes, lifting your spirit and bringing a sense of calm long after application.


Wearing this heavenly fragrance is an experience – one you will look forward to and cherish as a vital feel-good step in your daily beauty regimen. Take the time to breathe deeply as you apply it and the combination of nature’s finest fragrances will work magic on your mood. Calm will come, and you’ll sprout wings and become the best version of yourself.


– Fragrance Blend: Organic Corn Alcohol, Thyme, Lavender and Vetiver


– Guarantee: Carefully handmade in Harlem, New York. Vegan, natural, cruelty-free and certified by Leaping Bunny


– Formulation: Contains no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, metals, synthetic ingredients, or chemicals


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