Spice of Life


Challenge the norm and commit to what makes you feel free and fulfilled. Spice of Life a natural fragrance blend of premium essential oils and absolutes that are sourced from around the world. Together, the blend shouts the spicy, sharp aromas of exotic Red Ginger with pungent Cardamom and Nutmeg ending with fresh green Clary Sage. It’s invigorating, adventurous, and unapologetic, just like you.

Spice of Life: Ginger, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Curry Leaf and Clary Sage blended in Organic Cane Alcohol Base

  • Loud and Proud
  • Spicy and Fresh Red Ginger
  • Sweet and Spicy Cardamom/ Nutmeg
  • Green Clary Sage/Curry Leaf
  • Invigorating, Adventurous, and Unapologetic – Just Like You
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