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About Us

Since 2015, we’ve been handcrafting organic and cruelty-free fragrances using the finest natural botanicals. Our unisex scents are empowering and evocative, made with globally-sourced ingredients to take your senses on a round-the-world trip.

Every fragrance is artfully blended right here in our Harlem, NY shop – each one exceeding international quality and ethical standards so you can enjoy scent without sacrifice.



Our founder, Julissa Jose, fell in love with fragrance at a young age. Breathing in smoky incense at church or spritzing on her favorite perfume would evoke unique feelings through a fusion of aromas, memories, and emotions. She discovered there were various commercial fragrances that could make her feel sexy, empowered, playful, or calm.

But her passion turned to pain when she developed a severe allergy in her late 20s. The petrochemical-laden fragrances she loved didn’t love her back. Cutting them out eased her symptoms but left her in a world without scent, without a way to express or amplify her emotions. Craving a life enhanced by fragrance, she found a way to reclaim the power of scent – by establishing Harlem Botanica.


We’re here for everyone: those with synthetic sensitivities and those who simply covet vibrant, long-lasting, all-natural scents. As our niche brand grows, we aim to empower you, inspire confidence, and reveal the true you with our bold, creative fragrances.

For your health, aroma quality, and global responsibility we never use petrochemicals, phthalates, artificial dyes, propylene glycol, synthetic alcohol, or animal by-products. Our perfumes are non-toxic and Leaping Bunny Certified because we believe that better fragrances give you a better quality of life. It’s known that natural perfumes spark a chemical reaction in your body that uplifts and energizes your mood; synthetic fragrances are proven to do the opposite, which is why we prefer pure over processed.


Besides our devotion to keeping things real and natural, we focus on product affordability and giving back to our community. A portion of our proceeds goes toward The Headstrong Project, an organization that supports post-9/11 veterans and their families with free mental health treatment.

Harlem Botanica is a purpose-driven brand with a passion for handmade perfume, a reverence for our Harlem roots, and a commitment to your health and wellbeing. With our exclusive organic fragrance range, you’ll discover a scent for every mood, memory, and emotion. Where will our perfumes take you?

No Synthetics
100% Natural Perfumes