Rings of Time


50 ML/ 1.7 OZ


Long after the initial sprout of vibrant green leaves stands a stoic pillar of stability and strength. The skinny, striped pillar of Cedarwood bark shoots straight up from the lush earth, carrying its own cloak of full greenery toward the sky. Tilt your head upward, run your fingers along the thick groups of green needle leaves, and stand in awe of the passage of time.


Rings of Time is a natural fragrance, instilled with earthy elegance and powdery resinous undertones. Juniper Berry, Cypress, and two types of Cedarwood essential oils and absolutes combine to create a precious wood bouquet without any mineral oil, synthetic ingredients, metals, parabens, phthalates, or chemicals.


Ingredients:  Juniper Berry (Bulgaria), Juniper Berry (India), Altas Cedarwood (France), Himalayan Cedarwood (India) and Cypress (Canada)


We use NO parabens, sulfates or phthalates

Cruelty-Free and vegan

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