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Harlem Botanica

Harlem Botanica was founded in 2015 with a commitment to embrace the finest natural botanicals from around the world and create empowering, evocative scents. Our handmade, unisex fragrances are artfully blended with the highest-quality organic and all-natural ingredients right here in Harlem, NY. We never cut corners and are proud to exceed international quality and ethical standards so that you can enjoy scent without sacrifice.


Julissa Jose, the founder of Harlem Botanica, fell in love with fragrance at a young age. Memories, emotions, and aromas fused to create a unique feeling every time she smelled smoky incense at church or spritzed her favorite perfume. Julissa found herself gravitating toward different a variety of different commercial fragrances, each with the ability to make her feel sexy, empowered, strong, or calm.


Passion quickly turned into pain when she developed a severe allergy in her late 20’s. The processed fragrances and petrochemicals that she once loved were instantly removed from her life and she felt an isolating void without any way to express and amplify her emotions through scent. Julissa reclaimed the power of aroma with organic, natural fragrances without any harmful side effects.


Our Promise


Today, Harlem Botanica is a growing organic perfumery for those with synthetic sensitivities and everyone who prefers vibrant, longer lasting scents with natural botanicals. Every fragrance batch is handmade in our Harlem, NY shop using the highest quality ingredients from around the world. For your health, aroma quality, and global responsibility, we never use petrochemicals, phthalates, artificial dyes, propylene glycol, synthetic alcohol, or animal byproducts.


Better fragrances give you a better quality of life. Did you know that all-natural perfumes spark a chemical reaction in your body that uplifts and energizes your mood? Studies show that synthetic fragrances create a negative response that brings you down. With Harlem Botanica’s wide range of organic perfumes, there’s a fragrance for every mood, memory, and emotion. We aim to empower your confidence and boost self-esteem with bold, evocative fragrances.


Giving Back


Above all, Harlem Botanica is committed to serving our customers with affordable prices for the world’s best botanicals and giving back to our community in the process. A portion of our proceeds go to support The HeadStrong Project. We are a purpose-driven business with a passion for handmade perfume, a reverence for our home in Harlem, NY, and a commitment to health with premium, organic materials.

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